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<n> A person who believes himself to be somewhat tough or 'bad'. But however in actuality is a 'wimp' or 'weakling'. This phrase is commonly associated with non-pubescent youths' who are convinced they are intimidating despite their short stature and under developed muscles.

A group of Ruderies is referred to by the word 'bunch'. Similar to the way a group of animals is referred to as a pack or pride.
<person 1 see's a rudery>
Person 1: Look out theres a rudery on the prowl.
<Person 2 notices more>
Person 2: Jeez' there's a whole bunch of ruderies!
Rudery: <in high pitched voice> OI Manz your beeeaaaaar gay do'. I iz gonna bang you up!
by Chimp-magnet April 29, 2011
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