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A person who can solve Rubik's cubes. and you are usually wowed or furious with him.
1. (person a) That kid just solved a Rubik's cube!

(person b) Really! That is so fricking amazing i cant explain it! What is that Rubik's cube solver's name?

2. (a) Grrrrr...

(b) Whats wrong?

(a) That guy/chick just solved my Rubik's cube.

(b) Wow! Why did that make you mad?

(a) I've been working on it for months and i finaly got a side. and then he/she comes along and says that he/she can solve it. I didn't believe him/her and i say prove it. Then he/ she solves it under a minute! I hate that Rubik's cube solver!

(b) Whatever dude! At least now you can put it down and get back to work!

(a) Grumble grumble grumble.....
by marschaos2 November 13, 2009
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