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A substitute for the "m-f" word, as used on the radio or television. Synonyms: Mothatrucker, Monkeysucker, Master Fighter, Melonfarmer, Feather Plucker. Could be useful while singing Obie Trice's "Adrenaline Rush."
"Get live, rubber ducker, when I speak, rubber ducker, out your seats, rubber ducker, I'ma reach rubber duckers..."
by WMT August 01, 2003
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Primarily a maneuver to get away from a one night stand. A used condom is stretched over the doorknob on the inside of a door prior to closing it behind oneself. This makes it difficult to open from the inside, providing an opportunity to duck out. The choice of which side of the rubber faces out is player's choice.
I had to leave a rubber ducker to get away from that crazy chick last night!
by Thomas Wordsmith II August 09, 2018
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