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The Royal Forums : Internet dwelling of spinsters and gays fascinated with all things Royal. Chatter may follow the lines of "Queen Camilla : Yay or Nay?" or "Who would you rather do? William or Harry?". Old Queens guaranteed.
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by BeatrixFan March 07, 2009
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1. Online discussion forums where people interested in royalty can chat, exchange information, post trivia, obsess, and fight about all things royal.

2. The Royal Forums, the biggest and brightest of the royal forums, and the one-stop source of more information about royalty than the average sane person could possibly want to know.
King Who? Princess Which? Palace of Where? Those know-it-alls at The Royal Forums will be able to tell you.
by tnbskts March 06, 2009
Happy St. Patties Day!
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