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A teenage friendship. It is to describe when you are best friends with an older guy and a younger girl. The younger girl may be shy and not have that many friends, but she has a lot in common with you. She wishes she could be more like you, and she may "like" you and look up to you. The guy is someone that you look up to, a true bro, and he has been friends with you longer and has been with you through thick and thin. He's more experienced and popular, and you're willing to do anything for him, because he's always helped you up in a time of need. You're a mutual friend with them and you laugh together all the time. You're the middle guy in the friendship. It could mean that your two friends may not even be friends if it weren't for you. But that's okay, because a "Roxas Friendship" is one of the best friendships out there. But if you are the "Roxas" of a Roxas Friendship, the middle guy, then that means it will be up to you to try to hold the friendship together. Hope that it lasts and enjoy every last moment of it! This phrase refers to Roxas, Axel, and Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days.
Person 1: You see those 3 sitting over at the lunch table over there?
Person 2: You mean Keith, Chris, and Jessica? Yeah, they're always sitting together. What about them?
Person 1: I don't understand. How can two guys and a girl hang out all the time? Usually two guys fight over the girl. Or maybe the girl feels a little weird being with two guys? For them to get along so well...
Person 2: That's what you call a Roxas friendship.
Person 1: Huh?
Person 2: *sighs* You told me you've played Kingdom Hearts before so you should know this. Just think of it this way. Keith is Roxas, Chris is Axel, and Jessica is Xion. Keith and Roxas are both teenage guys with a guy and a girl for a best friend. Keith and Roxas both look up to Chris and Axel. Jessica and Xion both look up to Keith and Roxas. Keith and Roxas are both the middle guy in this, the mutual friend. They kinda tie the three together.
Person 1: Oh, I get what you're saying now...
Person 2: A Roxas friendship is great. But sometimes it falls apart and it's up to the "Roxas" of the group to mend it again. In this case, Keith.
Person 1: Hmm... well, I hope nothing goes wrong, because those three look like they're really happy together.
by Wiseguy16 November 03, 2012
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