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Rowland High School (John. A. Rowland) is in a little town called Rowland Heights. Rivals being "Nogales High School". Although, it's not much too compete with. Rowland is full of spoiled rich kids who drive nice cars or a Honda Civic. They are low-key pot lovers but still get good grades so no one really complains. Rowland wins plenty of awards and is a great school to attend. Everyone pretty much gets along with everyone, with a cat fight here and there (usually because a slut stole another slut's boyfriend). Class of 2009 and 2012 are known to be the baby making machines! At the end of the day, Rowland High Schoolers get their shit done. They party, smoke and manage to get into the best colleges out there. You drink your boba (asian drink) and go to Jack in the box on early days. Everyone tries to be the same type of cool that it's quite entertaining. Again, no one really complains so it just kinda happens. Summary: Partiers but still smart, asian ruled, nice cars and very chill.
Guy: I wanna go to a school where it's just chill and everyone does their thing. Something like Rowland High School.
by John/Carlos/Jessica/Asian/Mexi November 12, 2011
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Piece of shit high school full of posers and gay niggers from outer space. The teachers suck and should go fuck donkey shit. I'd rather stare at goatse the entire day than go to school here even though I do that anyways. I went to this school and now I'm doing Backdoor Sluts 10 and even Debbie(does Dallas) wont come here. Stay away or else...CRACK BITCH
I would rather have God's almighty penis gyrating in my stretched ass that would put GOatse to shame than go to rowland high school.
by johnathon lee April 20, 2005
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