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A ghetto but very elegant school containing one of the most intelligent kids in California. We have weed smokers but they're very chill. We are located in La Puente, Ca (where only real men live) or in West Covina (where we have horchatas) yeeeaahhhh. Although we populate the area with many diverse groups, we have Mexicans, Asians, Filipinoes, Whites (surprising right?), and a few African (Black) Americans.
1. DUDE! Did you hear about Nogales High School's fight last week?

2. OMG! Yeah! But I was doing a reefer like the whole time it was going on. :D

1. (-.-)
by May 11, 2011
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A ghetto, gone to waste high school. Very dirty, full of un-sanitary mexicans with no futures, and very dangerous.

There are drug users everywhere, kids don't care about their education, there are students ditching class all the time and even bringing alcohol during school hours to drink in the bathroom. Kids smoke during PE or lunch time out by the gym.
Wannabe mexicans commonly fight all the time, and is, overall, a great waste of time for those who wants a future in mowing lawns.
" I go to a very professional and non-violent high school. What about you?"

" I go to Nogales High School."

"Gross, good luck in your life!"
by NogalesSucks September 01, 2012
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