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A term native to the Southwest and West Coast United States. The regional equivalent of crunk, gutter, hyphy,ballin, fresh, and hype. The term is used to describe the level of party madness that has ensued, will ensue, or is ensuing. The term can also be used to describe someone's flamboyant, fun, outgoing, social personality. A direct derivative of the adjective Rowdy.
This word Rowdy and the phrase Rowdy Business are growing increasingly popular and frequently used in its native region. More likely to be heard around the Rowdy Triangle.
Exhibit A: "Deadmau5 is headlining a massive concert, its gonna be ROWDY BUSINESS for sure!"
Exhibit B: "That dude gets ROWDY at tailgates. He downed 6 beers bongs, 3 shots, and whiskey coke at 10:00 in the morning. He's straight ROWDY BUSINESS".
by FlexIconic December 22, 2009
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