adj a person who plays rough or is a rough with a person. one who is essentially rough with another person
Verny: She wouldn't let my granbaby ride the school bus so I had do whoop up on her.
Keisha: Gosh momma, you're such a roughhouser
by RealMuthaFvkinG's October 10, 2016
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Mock fighting, normally looks like actual fighting. Also a form of foreplay.
They were roughhousing
by BubbleGumCheer March 06, 2011
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Only day of the week where you can roughhouse with whom ever you so please.
Man 1: My wife is acting like a real hoe lately.
Man 2: Dude, it’s roughhouse Sunday, go beat that hoe up.
Man 1: Bro, your right , ima get that hoe in a rear naked choke!
by PandaMan11 December 14, 2019
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