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Rottargaan organic chemical substance known for its psychedelic qualities and found in the fruit and leaf strings of the Anacardium occidentale rotae.

A. occidentale rotae (a.k.a Rotergaan Pfanze) is a rare tree of the ergoline family that is native to the alternative Buhalist Religious City State of Bulgaristan. Its leaf strings are crimson in color. They are often consumed orally for recreational purposes along with the colourfull chocolate and Rottargaan-powder-filled fruit of the tree. An alternative way of using the drug is by absorbing the Rottargaan through the lymphatic system by tying the string leaf to the middle finger. More common is the consumtion of the drug through the tummy by using the leaf string to hold cardigen buttons in place (as is often done in the haute couture fashion industry). See fashion drugs.

Scientists have recently confirmed that Rottergaan trips often follow a certain pattern. Users claim the drug enduces an uplifting, heavenlike mood. Users also often describe encountering a choir of imaginary glittery pink and purple singing Dinosaurs, which often sing about the higher truth. Rottergaan is also known as the drug of truth and knowledge and is on occasion also reffered to as the Red Apple from the Garden of Eden.
Jan was restless about finding meaning in his life untill he took rottargaan.

Katja is tripping on rottargaan again.
by A Pink Dinasour November 03, 2012
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