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Noun; (1)a Perth south of the river suburb bordered by Leach Highway, Canning River and Shelley
(2) a suburb that once was full of old people, but now full of curries
(3) the famous Perth High School that is full of Chinks, Curries and Whites from conservative families (see Rossmoyne Senior High School)
(4) the High School zone that competitive families will try and bullshit to RSHS authorities in order to get their snooty kids into this school. Most often Chinese families, because chances are some other Chinese family will share your surname. Fact: ex music teacher pleaded guilty to sexual assault, I still dunno who that slut was that offered herself to her on the Plane trip back from Music Camp 03
(5) the word used by kids from other school to refer to RSHS in pure jealousy/disgust/admiration/humour (take your pick) in reference to its great academic record, lack of decent asian girls (they live north of the river), similarity to ChinaTown
(6) the word used by ex RSHS kids in pure disgust as to how lame Rossy has become with its excess of Asians and lack of babes
(1) Rossy is such a curry hole, my neighbour sold his place to some rich curries and they pressure their kids all day to get into medicine
(2) likewise, but replace curry with chink
(3) Rossy is a decent place but when it comes dinner time the smell of curry often makes me very hungry
(4) Rossy senior high, isn't that like an Asian School
(5) Said to UWA student: ohhh so you are from rossmoyne; followed by immediate stigmatism
by notsayingincaseigetsmacked April 27, 2008
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