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A boy with accounts on myspace and bebo, from Scotland in the UK who is well known on both social networking sites for wearing exessive amounts of fake tan, more makeup than a girl, white nail extensions, and horrendously tiny outfits. Like a female stripper would. He prides himself on being cheap and tacky. And does ganguro makeup.
He's appearing on the bbc3 show ''Snog Marry Avoid" on April the 13th. He used to look really cool with his pale skin and peircings but now he just looks like shit. He's in numerous myspace perfection groups like VIP, PD and AS. Why? I don't know.
Omg Girlfriend don't go out wearing shorts like that! your hotpants are smaller than RossRitalins!

My tangerine looks simelar to Ross Ritalin
by IndieCindy13 March 19, 2009
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