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To not give a fuck. To not care whatsoever, to literally not give a fuck when going about something.

Credited after Lukas Rosol's epic win over Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon 2012. Rosol's efforts in the 5th set were clutch, blasting Nadal off the court, not giving a single fuck.
This fool tried to play me, I said "hell naw"...I beat his ass, went Rosol on him man...did not give a fuck...straight up showed him whats up.
by NoFucksGiven July 03, 2012
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Rosol is term that is used to describe any act of extreme gayness. It can be used as noun, verb or an adjective within the same sentence.
Dude, i totally want to rosol that hot guy tonight.

I just let that guy feel my rosol after i rosoled all over his rosol.

Did you see that guy's rosol?!?!? I'm totally getting a huge rosol.

Hold on a sec, I need to take a rosol real quick before I rosol in my buddy's rosol.

Ohh yeah all this talk about rosol is making me want to phillip.
by Dr. Rosol August 25, 2008
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