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The most beautiful girl ever known to man. She makes you smile on the worst of days and is tr most loving person ever. Any guy that even gets close catches feelings but she’ll just curve them cuz she’s taken by Erwin.
Yo that girl is beautiful

Yeah she sure is a Rosita
by Rose’s property February 12, 2018
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The most down to earth girl, her smile feels your heart to the brim. Eyes wide open and see's the world for what it truly is, doesn't hesitate too speak her mind,voice an opinion or show feelings. She drives your confidence to the roof, makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. Very supporting,loving and charismatic. Very strong belief's in religion but doesn't let it affect her judgement, always thinks with logic and reason. Holds to the fundamentalism of what she knows. Curves of model, perfect facial expressions. She will trample Aphrodite image and take the place as the goddess of love and beauty. She loves poetry and free-thinking controversial topics, can be endless hours or days and still make the topic appear. She stubborn, but you love her for every bit of it.

Carries the weight of the world from your shoulders and holds your hand through it all. Very smart and law-abiding, healthy individual. Hits every nerve in your body when you make her mad, makes you think complex and strand everything you did wrong together before she even hints (Good for the relationship). She very energetic, and loves herself and her lover and doesn't let anything stand in the way. She loves when your jealous! And she gets very jealous, (You love every second of her). She got a mind that wonders, and makes you feel grounded and at peace with the world and yourself. If you ask me, no greater women in the world to be a lover,friend, & life companion

(: P.S.) Love her with all my heart
"She got the essence of a rose, and the beauty name is Rosita"

"They call her love"

"Who's that girl? Rose, she the most amazing girlfriend ever"
by NR<3R February 06, 2013
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Similar to the Greasy Sanchez}, a Rosita is the act of a female taking her own hand and wiping her snatch after heavy excerise and wiping it horrizontally accross the male's upper lip.
"Dude that bitch just gave me a rosita!"
"Sick dude that fukin gross"
by Michael, Evan, and Mitch January 17, 2005
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