A beautiful, pretty, gorgeous girl. She is loyal and sometimes can be crazy. But those crazy girls you can rely on them because they can do anything for you. She has a lot of love for you but doesn't show it as she wants to because she is hurt. She is a very fragile piece of art that you cant help but to look at, its pure essence of beauty can stun you in a dimension where you feel nothing but love, but be careful one wrong move and you can tear down that art like it was nothing. She deserves everything, she has been through too much pain, so take care of her the best you can. She can be a lot but only one person can really handle her. That is the person who loves her the most. She will be there if you need her for anything, she has a big heart. This girl has tremendous amount of swag, her music for E.g. has a taste in it you will never thought a person was capable of having. She loves to be herself, she loves to be emo but wants to feel accept by those around her. So make her feel accepted. Warm her heart the best you can, comfort her, love her, treat her like your own queen <3.
Rosemarry is my girlfriend! I love her to death and beyond!
by Xtictacc January 12, 2022