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Rosehill college is a high school located in the South Auckland town of Papakura and most students who attend are those who dont want to get their anus shanked at Papakura high which is fill with maoris and other shits.

Still a large population of cunts attend rosehill or "bros-kill" and try to act like skuxx fucks and the house leaders think that the people in their house give a flying fuck about house events and shit but theyre to busy blowing each other to know.

Notable features of the school are its new sports centre with a ripping gym (which some cunt stole dumbells from) and some guy with mushy nuts.

Kura high niggas think theyre hard so attempt to shank anyone in Rosehill uniform.
kura high guy1: "hey kefe, is that guy wearing a rosehill college shirt?"

kura high guy2:"yeah ma nigga ghee lets shank him"
by sungakefemolefe2000 June 04, 2011
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