A pink crystal that is used to attract love; self love or love from another person. If someone gives your rose quartz, theyre literally in love with you.
Omg!! I got him a rose quartz crystal and now he wont stop texting me.
by 444girl333 June 3, 2021
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The leader of the rebellion against homeworld. The gem who supposedly shattered Pink Diamond and has been hunted down by homeworld for +6000 years.
STEVEN: I am not my dad, I am Rose Quartz!
by Little Jupiter June 18, 2017
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A lying backstabbing bitch who betrayed not only her homeworld but also the gems she lead to rebel against them.
Rose quartz led all her friends to their demise.
by OneAngrySapphire May 8, 2018
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Rozse quartz is just like ally. Ally is a sweet and caring loving person, just like how a rose quartz is lovely! She is strong and you can always rely on her.
Person: Ally is so sweet!
Other person: yeah, she’s just like a rose quartz!
by petitebunni December 20, 2021
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Rose Quartz is the Leader of The Crystal Gems and the mother of Steven. She is adorable AF and she also killed her own Diamond.

As we can see from some episodes with Jasper in, Rose is her senpai. And Jasper is all like:
Everybody around: '-( '

*Jasper can't even understand that Rose... is Steven???? Is dead?????? Idk how to describe thisss*
by <Rose Quartz> January 14, 2017
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