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A type of guy who is allergic to sunblock but is uber white. He is very outgoing and has many friends. Not only does Roopdogg have a wingwoman of a bestie, but also an award for his insane style. Roopdogg busts out in random moves, be it dance or hilarious obscene gestures.

Zabiegalski tries to dance like Roopdogg but can't.
by Cosmo D March 27, 2008
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A term for a particular type of ganster. (the name is derived from "Rupert" and conbined with the well known ganster rapper "Snoop Doggy Dogg). Do not mess with this man he will either put a cap in your ass do a drive by on you with his Landizzle
Roop dogg put a cap in max's big fat builder ass
by i am a gay builder December 05, 2003
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