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Similar to bedroom which is a room with a bed in it, a roombed is a bed, with a room around it. Typically comprised of multiple mattresses laying side-by-side on the floor of the room, the goal of which being to cover as much of the floor space as possible with mattresses. Beneficial for co-sleeping, polyamorous families, orgies, fuck parties, and large groups of people who will inevitably get drunk and pass out within a close vicinity of each other. Roombeds can be permanent fixtures within a home, or temporarily assembled using mattresses from other rooms in the house (this is the more common form, however the less ideal version of the concept).

Roombed can be used as a noun or a verb. When used as a noun, it is most often used without the article "the", unlike with the more common concept "bedroom". As a verb, it refers to the act of assembling roombed for the purpose of temporary use. Roombed can also be used euphemistically as one chooses, though an actual roombed should still be relevant to the euphemism. (Similar to "sleep with me".)

Word history and origins:
Originally conceptualized in the early-mid 2000's in Lee's Summit, Missouri, the concept was realized in 2014 and has since spread within small sub-sects of the poly/swinger/lifestyle communities in the Midwest.

Term officially coined - Summer of 2014
(n) "I'm going to lay down in roombed." or "I fucked that girl on roombed last night."

(v) "Do you want to roombed tonight?" or "Come over and we can roombed."

Mixed use: "Why is she roombedding in our roombed?"
by HeinousCunt September 15, 2015
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