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The word ronstipate comes from the far west of America, aka Los Angeles, California. Its usage has wormed its way from narrow sidelines to major crowds.

It is made up of two words, "Ron" (as in Ron Weeaaaasley from Potter Puppet Pals in the episode "Mysterious Ticking Noise") and "constipate" which is the act of pooing with difficulty and large amounts of pain and anguish, not to mention irritated fury.

The word means: to angrily squeal in a girlish manner (1). It is primarily used as a verb but could also be applied as a adjective, to describe something that acts in a Ronnikin-ish way of fury (2). This word can ALSO be used as a general expression of amusement or excitement or provoked drama (3).

The word, though widely accepted and used, is not to be taken lightly. This is a word of virtuous emotional fervor. One can only use the word as a last resort when no other word would suffice. If overused, then the user can be deemed a Ronstipation Whore.

Brought to you by: WOW - Whatever Over Whenever
And P&P - Poo & Pee
1. "Did you hear DANANA in history? He forgot to bring in his report though he wrote about 1000 pages. Poor guy, he ronstipated about half an hour before the teacher threw him out of class."

T: Banana Poo ronstipated today.
C: Ew. I DArrhea him sooo much. What happened?
T: He accidentally swallowed someone's used toilet paper.
C: (gasps) I really don't consider that an accident.


2. "What a ronstipating fool. We could hear that DANANA all the way from Mars."

T: Did you know about that ronstipating kid who never stopped his ron-screams?
C: No, what happened?
T: DANANA devoured / deflowered him.
C: That's not nice.


3. "What in the name of ronstipation was that for? You just stepped on my face!"

T: What the ronstipation is that?
C: I don't know. I think it's DANANA.
T: If that's true, then we'd be dead.
C: Oh right. Let's just run in crazed ronstipation.
by Diana You November 09, 2007
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