A ronson is Brit. slang for a cigarette, derived from the manufacturer of lighters and smoking equipment, This term is relitively new and has only broken into widespread use in the past few years.
"Hey, Harry, fancy going up the Tracks for a Ronson?"
by A Bid Farewell September 14, 2006
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brand of british lighter gas

real good shit for getting high..

tip: use the longest lighter adapter that comes in the lid to make it easier to do.

nb: this does not advocate the human consumption of lighter gas for the purposes of getting totally fucked
Can I have a bottle of your cheapest cider, 20 Mayfair and 3 cans of Ronson please?

What's best for solvent abuse? Ronson or Perma?

Can't go wrong with a bit of Ronson

Ronsoning up
by Meemomel May 19, 2010
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To go on a date with a female.
Guy 1- "Played the new PES yet?"

Guy 2 - "Nup, was on a date!"

Guy 1 - "oh aye.....a wee ronson sir!"

Guy 2 - " a ronson!"
by Ya bunga September 24, 2009
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Mick Ronson (born Michael Ronson in Yorkshire, England, UK) was an awesome guitarist. He may be most famous for being the lead guitarist of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (David Bowie's band in the early 1970's). He performed with Bowie later in his career as well. Mick produced _Transformer_ (Lou Reed) and played piano and guitar on some of it). He had a solo career for a long time and played with people like Mott the Hoople, Lou Reed, and Bob Dylan. Mick Ronson died in 1993 from liver cancer.
Mick Ronson was a fabulous guitarist! I loved his "Moonage Daydream" solo on Spiders from Mars tour.

Hey, check out the official Mick Ronson site at www.mickronson.com
by Karen E August 14, 2008
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A crazy talented, British DJ/producer who has worked with people like Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, The Kaiser Chiefs and Adele. He also toured with Jay-Z and DJ'd Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's wedding.

He is also a total babe, and a great lay ;)
"Hey did you hear Mark Ronson DJ's Tom and Katie's wedding?"
"Yeah, I heard he was so nervous he threw up and then played the Top Gun Theme."
by __ks February 15, 2009
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1. Lindsay Lohan's girlfriend.

2. A person who is hired as a "DJ", but just stands behind speakers text-messaging while putting her iPod on shuffle.
"Hey look, Samantha Ronson is DJ-ing!"

"Big deal dude, she just has her iPod on shuffle."

"This party blows, let's go!"
by GalacticFaerie September 6, 2008
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