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Something anything can be, whether it's something cool someone does or something funny someone says.
Rongi can be seen as a variation of a laugh or the word "wow". Rongi can pretty much be used for anything.

A word that I kind of made up and used in my group of close friends. I guess I got some kind of inspiration from Missy Elliots song "Work It". When she kind of sings "Ah tata tata tata tata tata". I made up the word a few years ago however so I have absolutely no idea how I got that to Missy Elliot phrase to sound like "rongi".

I was actually about 12-13 years when I first started using the word. It didn't take long until some of my classmates started using it and I thought that it was really cool that they did. It's quite of an all-round word and that's why I like using it with close friends. A friends dad actually even started using the word!

I hope using this word will make life easier for some of you!
"Rongi! I'm on such a crazy killstreak on BF3!"

"Rongi! What's up guys?" - Used as a greeting of some sort.

"It's just so rongi that he manages to complete that rubiks cube so quickly!"
by Jonezs November 04, 2011
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