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Romulus is a city located approximately 23 miles from Detroit, MI. The city of Romulus houses the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, DTW for short. Romulus enjoys a rather diverse community approximately 60% white population and 40% black.

The crime rate is high city wide, and most serious felonies are ignored by local law enforcement due to the heavy traffic enforcement around the airport. Criminals, such as drug dealers, and red necks thrive here as a result.

The city is currently mayored by a sad Colonel Sanders parody, and an equally sad and impotent city council.

Visitors to the city can enjoy mostly cock roach infested local eateries, and the occasional drinking establishments sometimes owned by former Romulus High teachers and the student(s) they married after high school.

Residents of this city enjoy the sickening smell of Ethelyn Glycol, and other byproducts of the airport industry. Frequent power outages make the city "rustic". The population is in a steady decline due to the poor city management and lack of public works. The local dialect is recognized by its residents tendency to end a sentence with the words "and shit".
I would prefer to pursue a life of crime, Iā€™m moving to Romulus, MI!
by planetfitguy August 31, 2011
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