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One of the great comic book writers of today. Best known for Lenore. One of Slave Labor's finest.
Roman Dirge - cool beans.
by Boochies August 27, 2003
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only one of THE best comic book artist/writers in the entire universe!! he has an amazing sense of humor and a great talent in both drawing and writing. lenore is brilliant and so are his tattoos! go roman! can you give an example of a person? oh hell go to when its back up again im sure you'll get something from there. you have to wait for the web monkeys to finish though.
by :poisonedheart: January 18, 2004
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Author of Lenore and other such books. Good sense of humor but no where close to Jhonen Vasquez by the way they are friends so it's all good.
Zeptar-"Lenore is a great comic book with cool animation but isn't as great as Johnny the Homocidal Maniac"

Johnny Dearest-"true dat"
by Johnny Dearest July 28, 2005
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