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a sexual position, known as the "RC" for short, in which there involves 4 males and a female. The female is bent over with her back parallel to the ground, with each of her arms extended outward perpendicular to her back. Each of the 4 males must then choose which one of the following 4 areas they want to place their cocks in: 1.the mouth 2.left hand 3.right hand 4.pussy/pooper (the pussy/pooper option exists only due to the fact that whichever hole the male chooses, it will not effect the overall structure of the "RC") After each of the 4 males places their respective cocks in each of the 4 areas, while standing, each man must then raise their arms at a 45 degree angle and pound fists with the 2 males standing on both sides of him.(not the person standing across from him). I should further note that the reason for naming this sexual position the "Roman Colosseum" is the resemblance of it to the famous historic landmark located in Rome, Italy.

*Note to readers- the "RC" was co-created by Bill and Marc while eating all you can eat wings at Hooters c. January 2006. Frank and Alan were also present for this historic moment.
Bill, Frank, Marc, and Alan Roman Colosseum'd Amanda at the shore house.
by 4 Dolla Bill June 21, 2007
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