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Getting the first toke of a joint or blunt because you rolled it, hence rollers rights
Matt- Give me the first toke
Koady- No man! rollers rights
by Sturgeon genereal December 30, 2003
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Used when deciding who starts a joint. To have Roller's rights implies that you have the right to start the joint because you rolled it.
JR: "Hey who is starting this?"
Thomas: "I have Roller's Rights bitches!"
by Alicia McRae December 04, 2007
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The reserved right for the smoker that has rolled the product that is about to be smoked with a group of individuals. This right is reserved for the roller to spark up the product first, rollers rights can be given up upon request of another bro
Ex1- Dude: Dude, are we gonna smoke this shit up?
Bro: Yeah bro, let me just finish up rolling
Dude: Ok dude, but I call greens
Bro: Bro, I get to spark it because i rolled it, rollers rights bro

Ex2- Dude: That was a great rolled product dude lets light this other one you rolled
Bro: Ok bro, you can have greens this time, I pass up my rollers rights to you
Dude: Thanks dude
by Jointabalaballala July 31, 2011
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