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A manchild of Polish descent who marrys a woman 15 years older than him for her money. Gets fired from 10 minimum wage jobs a year. Displays pride in his rotten, garbage filled rusted blue car. Is Extremely stupid, cheap, a liar, and whiney baby. One would have a better conversation with a rock, than with a Rojewski. Cheats on his Ruth 24/7...not a true Rojewski, but just as dumb, allowing herself to be used.

A "man" who's family are the original characters portayed in all Polish jokes past and present.
Waitress 1: "Hey, that wanky Polack ran out, without paying!!! effing Turd!!!"
Waitress 2: Oh, man! I do believe you've been Rojewski'd!!!

A Little ditty, sung in the tune of Squarebob Spongepants:
"Who would live in a Pineapple if it was freeeee?...Spongejim Rojewsssskkkkiiii...!!!"
"Who's stupid, cheap and has ADD..? Spongejim Rojewwwwwssskkkiiii."
by linda April 30, 2005
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