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Roina is the most beautiful, wonderful, kind person you will ever meet. She is the definition of beauty and perfection from both inside and out. She usually has golden brown hair and blue, green, brown eyes.

Many people fall in love with Roina, but she only loves one. That one might not realize it directly, but they soon will. When they do, they will realize they just cant stop thinking about her. The person that Roina will chose and who is the perfect person for her is most likely Sebastian, Jacob, or Jack.

Roina is good at everything she tries. She usually sings like an angel, dances ballet, loves animals, and has a talent for music, dancing, and acting, as well as languages. If you know Roina you are lucky. She always tries her best and only wants the best for you and her friends. Don't intend on wasting your time when you are with her. She might get bullied and teased, but she loves her life and herself and just doesn't intend on wasting life because to her, life is a gift. Roina is always nice to people, but people are usually mean or rude back. She has the heart to forgive, that is why she is so special. Roina is that girl that is sick and tired of being nice and polite and ending up with nothing but rudeness back, but she is always nice to the people that deserve it. Roina knows that just because she is alone doesn't mean she is lonely, that whatever people say isn't true, and that life is a gift.
Omg she is a Roina 🌸
She’s so gorgeous
by QWERTY 101 December 26, 2017
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