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Roguer: Rogue Boner. The kind of poorly timed erection that pops up for absolutely no reason in the most awkward social situations, such as:
English Class
Family Christmas Gatherings

They are particularly bad if one is wearing sweatpants or shorts.

Although there is no known cure, there are some things that can help. These include:
1)Wearing a billowy sweater
2)Putting on a heavy backpack and leaning forward under the weight and saying "Oooh! What a heavy backpack!" (saying that will make everyone think it's normal)
3)Sitting down at a table or covered desk and thinking of outrageously ugly people
4)Holding something in front (only works if it's somewhat sideways)
I always gets roguers in the worst situations. Like walking to school in the middle of downtown Philly during Rush Hour.
by kenjen December 26, 2006
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