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The northernmost Chicago neighborhood before Evanston. Sketchy around Howard but east Rogers Park is a liberal, progressive enclave. Check out the Heartland Cafe, peruse the books in Armadillo's Pillow and grab coffee at Ethiopian Royal Cofeee. There are kind old hippies everywhere, the beaches are an incredible mix of ethnicities and very family oriented. A nature lover's paradise. You can always find students from Loyola University hanging out in hammocks or smoking doinks on the pier. Always a party going on somewhere. A laid back vibe far removed from corporate downtown. Basically, A cool place to be.
"Yo come up to Rogers Park later and smoke a bowl at the beach before this Marxist meeting"
"Yea I'm down."
by earthlingsforchange September 09, 2018
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An incredibly diverse, multicultural neighberhood on the far North Side of Chicago. Featuring a vast array of peoples and colors, including but not limited too: blacks (all over but mostly south of Morse), Indians (Devon Avenue), Jews (West Rogers Park), White liberals (this often includes Jews, often the more secular type. They are clustered all over but mostly near the lake), Loyola University future yuppies (near the lake), Mexicans (Clark Street), people with hypenated names who feel guilty about being white and upper middle-class, and some random eastern european people I don't care about. It's the Hyde Park of the North Side but better.
Oy Vey! I'm schvitsing here in my schmatas. Let's go to the socialist meeting in Rogers Park and eat some Hamantashen. Oy Gavult.
by MSS Avenger November 07, 2005
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One of the few slums left on Chicago's otherwise nice North Side. Pedestrians here are often "gooned" (randomly beaten) while walking down the street, dilapidated tenements line the 'L' tracks and Morse Avenue is a notorious open-air drug market. In fact, Rogers Park is so hoodish that its criminal atmosphere seeps into south Evanston, immediately past Howard Street to the north.

Typical inhabitants include drug dealers, thugs, homeless people and annoying, pretentious hipsters who would rather listen to a gunshot lullaby every night than live in a nice neighborhood like Lincoln Park or Lakeview.
Humboldt Park and Uptown may be crappy North Side neighborhoods, but Rogers Park takes the cake.

Rogers Park is the Englewood of the North Side.
by d4rk August 19, 2007
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