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1. A type of spelling error that usually occurs when someone attempts to type "ROFLCOPTER" but instead hits the "y key" instead of the "t key" and spells "ROFLCOPYER" instead.

2. The mighty and majestic copier that floats upon eastern winds wreaking havoc upon the lands with its ink rain and blinding light. Caution must be used when approaching the roflcopyer for it uses treachery to mimic and deceive it's pursuers. Legend has it that if one is able to catch the roflcopyer they will be granted the power to create copies of themselves. The number of copies that can be made is unknown but legend says it is enough to conquer the world.

(Please note it is understood that copyer is technically spelled copier)
1. *During a wmw* " HAHAH FEAR MY ROFLCOPYERS! shit i mean ROFLCOPTERS!"

2. "Flee villagers! FLEE! The mighty roflcopyer is upon us!"
by BannanaBob July 06, 2008
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