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One of three high schools in fairfield california. built in 2000 its the newest yet already the most crowded high school in the county at around 2500 students. In recent years theyve made it a point to retain its best high school in the city status by just upping the standards on its progressively under achieving students along with combating its drug problem which disappeared after x got boring for everyone seemingly all at once. this only led to more under achievement, a still huge drop out rate, gaining the nickname "hell". this all came from an incompetent administration that put disiplin before education. all led by principal gillespie's tyranicall war on drugs which included inocent good students persecuted by association and many illegal searches conducted by an administration not qualifyed or certified legally to do so, and a students rights simpilly refused to them all under the supervision of campus officer dan hattsle. much of the time this is because the students dont know theyre being take advantage of. such conduct discusted so many teachers with souls that (spare a few) all the quality teachers that made rodreguez a great school in the first place left for better schools and better pay. if your an incoming student or considering coming to rodreguez think it over. your basic rights will be in danger of not even existing and many of the best teachers are gone.
did you hear about that chick that got expelled from Rodreguez High School for bits of weed at the bottom of her purse

what the fuck!?! they ruined her chances at ever going to a 4 year college for that

ya and all she was doing when they decided to search her was standing with her friends down the street before school
by hopeless student August 17, 2010
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