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Rocklin High school is apparently “the best” high schools there is. It consists of a lot of racist people and only has a 3 star rating on yelp. Girls act like they’ve moved from Los Angles or Hollywood and dress like big hoes. The guys act like their the shit and “grew up” in the hood. Everyone vapes, juuls, and smokes in the bathrooms and in class. Now after hearing this how’s your “best school” in California.
Rocklin High School. A school filled with disgusting people.
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by Peach_emoji December 13, 2020
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This place got me done fucked up. Just hoes being hoes, bitches be crying because their friend called them a bitch or a hoe and they be BIG MAD. Niggas act like they got hoes but their really just getting played half of the time. Remember never trust a bitch in Rocklin. In conclusion this place is for people who dick slap each other and the low population of black people is alarming for such a great school. Remember skate fast and eat ass.
Jane: Fuck you Rebecca.

Rebecca: That's why you fucked Shane.
Jane: How dare you exposed me in front of everyone. *starts crying*
Jane: *Opens snapchat* "streaks, Don't HMU bad mood."
Rocklin High school: gay ass people
by boatz n hoes May 02, 2019
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