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1. used to refer to one's connectivity to all things, the almighty power of the universe. Combination of the word "rock" (representing a basic solid object or mass who's definition relates to any object in three dimentional space who's drawing force is gravity, causing all things to move. see also "rock" as in "rock n' roll" and "solid," as a caracteristic or adjective,) and jah, (simular to "god" as referenced in the bible as a force of creativity and enlightenment.) the two words combined represent the sum total of ying and yang constituting the supream moving force in the universe and our relation to it, and understading of it.
2. soulforce, mana
3.the "higherpower" that agnostics claim exists without a consious will.
"Dude, this rooms bang'n with some bomb Rackjah!"

"I think I need to take yoga lessons, get in touch with my Rockjah."

"Of course he slayed a million bad guy's, he's the fucking almighty Rockjah!"
by the almighty rockjah January 31, 2009
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