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A milkshake created by Ralph 'The Rocket' Meckler. It is very similar to a Cream of Crankshaft except using mint chocolate chip in place of the rocky road ice cream and keeping the vanilla. M&Ms are also added to represent stars.
Ed: Hey Nelson, you thirtsy? Want a Cream of Crankshaft?

Nelson: I'd rather have another type of milkshake instead. But I'm not sure what kind.

Ralph M: (excited) I got one for you, Nelson. How about a 'Rocketshake'?

Nelson: Wow, Mr. Meckler! What's in that?

Ralph M: Well, it's almost like Grandpa Ed's Cream of Crankshaft, but you use mint chocolate chip instead of rocky road ice cream, there's M&Ms in it. I'll whip you one up real quick.

(Ralph M makes the milkshake)

Ralph D: (sweating and panting) What in the world is that? I've never seen a milkshake like that.

Ralph M: It's a Rocketshake. You'll love it.

Nelson: Whoah, this is awesome!! It's a real blast!

Ralph M and Ralph D: They don't call it a Rocketshake for nothing, boy!!

Ed: Ten stars!
by Dusty's Baby Powder February 27, 2011
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