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Another, more humorous way to say Rocket Launcher.
Popularized by Metal Slug X and it's hilarious announcer.
Upon picking up an R symbol, Marco heard someone shout "ROCKET LAWNCHAIR!" in their ears from absolutely nowhere.
by Tarmarco June 22, 2010
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Rocket luncher ... Rocket lawn chair is a funny way to say it ^^
mePwn3dg0d: W00t!!!

mePwn3djesus: ??

mePwn3dg0d: G0t Rocket Lawn Chair (rocketlawnchair) !!!!

mePwn3djesus: omfg ... m3 s0 pwn3d T.T
by Naser September 11, 2007
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"rocket lawnchair" is basically another way of naming the n00b wep0n of choice in fps games like halo 3,cod4, and shadowrun. actually saying the word instead of saying rocket launched acxtually results in more lulz..

im surprised that this isnt a definition yet...this IS urban dictionary right?
player1 : w0a!! d00D cH3k 0ut all of deez sw33t k1llz i iz getting wit tha rocket lawnchair!!11!one!

player1 : lulz!!11!!1eleven
by xkevinxcorex March 29, 2008
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