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Jailbreak is an extremely popular game on the platform ROBLOX. The creators are two people who have worked on amazing projects in the past. The game is notorious for its amount of glitches and how it could be used to the player's advantage.

As a prisoner you obviously try to break out (hence the name of the game). There are many ways to break out, including glitching.
As a criminal, you rob the bank and jewelry store to earn money which leads to buying new cars (which save) and getting new skins for the car.

As a cop, you try to arrest all the criminals and get their bounty. You could get tons of money as a cop, or very little. If you get swat, you are rewarded with an AK-47 and clothing. Lots of gamepasses in this game. Radio, Swat, Upgrade Bag, and VIP, which are 300 Robux each excluding VIP, which is 1000 robux (RIPOFF!)
Did you hear that the car radio costs 300 robux in ROBLOX Jailbreak? Those fuckers at Badimo!
by Phaxux June 14, 2017
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