Roblox niggas are any ignorant people who associate with the #Robanging community (See Definition of Robanging). Roblox Niggas are basically those kids who attempt to pack you in a discord VC and steal your shit before claiming that they're actually GDK , BDK and that there father is FBG Duck. To be more specific, the general definition would be any ignorant or fake person within the roblox community / Any Roblox Player in the Gang Banging/Anime Section of roblox whom treats the app like it's there home, willing to curse you out on discord about how you're a bitchass nigga who can suck there mothers left nut whilst telling you to dig up your dead granny.
Man these fucking Roblox Niggas getting me tight.
by RobangerDictonary August 20, 2020
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