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The most attractive member of The Bee Gees. Voice like an angelic being on high, hair so lush and well groomed even Barry was jelly, eyes that bore into your soul with intense passion and a smile that radiated such joy- even the blind could see it.
Robin Gibb was reminiscing on the First Of May while he was Stayin Alive in Massachusetts. He kept telling himself, Don't Forget To Remember my Secret Love who was More Than A Woman. She was a Heartbreaker named Elisa that he met after one of the Nights On Broadway, before the Tragedy of the New York Mining Disaster, 1941. He found her Cryin Every Day near Mr Wallor's Wailing Wall and finally said, You Should Be Dancing. She said, "Anything For You" and Robin suddenly felt Alive. 2 Years On and he was still Stayin Alive. Every Second, Every Minute was dedicated to The Only Love Robin had ever known, she was an Irresistible Force to him. Overnight, everything changed. Their Wedding Day came on that South Dakota Morning. As Robin pulled Elisa into an Embrace he asked her, "How Deep Is Your Love?" Elisa replied with, "It Doesn't Matter Much To Me. Robin, I've been meaning to tell you something, I've Decided To Join The Air Force." Robin said, "Elisa, If I Can't Have You, I'll be Giving Up The Ghost in no time!" She said, "Pity" and then, "You'll Never See My Face Again." And just like that, Robin Gibb was Alone Again.
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by Bride of Nitram June 25, 2017
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