Supporter of the canon pairing on Teen Titans, a show that airs on Cartoon Network.

Robin is the masked, spiky-haired leader of the Teen Titans. He is highly skilled in many martial arts and has acrobatic training. His utility belt is full of useful things like bombs, smoke screens, a retractable bo staff, grappiling hooks, and birdarangs.

Starfire, the alien of the team, is bubbly and happy but somewhat naive to Earth customs. Starfire has the ability to shoot starbolts from her hands, fly, and has superstrength. From Transformation and onward Starfire gained the ability to shoot lasers from her eyes.

Starfire and Robin are considered a good couple because of the fact that opposites work together. Robins darker and obbesive mood is balanced by Starfires sweet and sympethetic personility.

Robin and Starfire shippers have two main shrines: The Robin and Starfire shrine, and Hidden Star.
Major R/S episodes include: Sisters, How Long is Forever, Date With Destiny, Transformation, Betrothed, and Stranded.
by Lunae May 24, 2005
A supporter of the canon pairing or ship for two characters from the animated show "Teen Titans".

Definitely one of the most nonsensical pairings ever created in the history of God's green earth. Robin/Starfire shippers are all, or in most part, children. They have no lives and love to entertain themselves by preaching their 'righteous fury!!!1" to anyone that will listen, and those who won't.

-"Robin/Starfire shipper" is an adjective of "fuckface".
-Robin/Starfire shippers claim to be all-knowing and comment on anything with "Rob/Star 4eva!!!!!!1111"
-They don't work because they're not old enough. And all of them have the insatiable urge to become internet trolls.

-Robin/Starfire shippers are mentally retarded. And like to talk about Rob/Star and/or compare everything to Rob/Star all the time, to compensate for not having a life of their own. They also refer to Rob/Star as "perfect 4 each other lolz".
"Wow, that kid is randomly yelling at that tree over there. What a Robin/Starfire shipper."

"Martha couldn't stop talking even though no one was listening, or cared what she was talking about. What a Robin/Starfire shipper."
by iamtrinity March 10, 2010