The smooth operator of rock'n'roll. The man had a distinct smooth voice who was well known for his songs Addicted to Love, Doctor Doctor and Simply Irresistible, but was much more than that, lesser known songs like She Makes My Day, Housework and more recently TV Dinners (his live version on YouTube is awesome and addictive to watch). Robert unfortunately died of a heart attack in 2003.
Robert Palmer: I didn't mean to turn you on.
Lady watching: He does turn me on, he's so handsome.
by FlossmanJr April 4, 2017
An annoying douche-bag who's music is terrible so he puts hot chicks in them to get peoples attention.
if you ever watch a music channel like VH1 and a Robert Palmer video comes on, make sure you change the channel as soon as possible. large doses of Robert palmer have been known to turn regular people into gays, and gays into French people.
by jobflobadobYob November 21, 2010