Robert Taylor aka Robert "Failer" made his debut on the automotive internet forum in August of 2007. True to his nick name, Robert "Failer" Taylor has become a notorious figure on the boards through his plethora of ignorant posts during his 3 year existence. His lack of knowledge about anything remotely related to Honda's and Prelude's truly speaks of his character. He is not afraid to tell you the wonders of a Stock Prelude SH and explain how Honda has finely tuned the performance of his beloved vehicle. He religiously believes that any modification to any automobile, more specifically the Prelude, will actually be downgrading the cars performance. So all of your engine and suspension mods are useless and just attract the police. So in the words of Robert Taylor, keep your loud exhaust and lowered cars, i will just blow by you when you are pulled over on the side of the road by the 5-0.

Some Wise Quotes

"It looks like the special 5 mph bumpers on the lude are ineffective on lowered cars . What a surprise NOT "

"... the 5th gen Prelude engine has been refined to the point that even Honda , after doing many mods to the H22a4 engine , could only squeeze out another 10% of usable power for its the Type s model which in the real world is hardly a noticeable improvement ."

"Your cop attracting fart can works for me by keeping them from looking my way when your in the area !!!!!!!!"
"Who are you? Robert Taylor?! Hhahaha."

"Whatever you do don't listen to Robert Failer."

"Someone's pulling a Robert Taylor."
by jschizzl2 October 28, 2009