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N. Social Movement founded in 2005 by an incredibly gaunt, yet wily leader, this new movement called for radical changes in student life such as total and complete dedication to schoolwork. It also spearheaded the abolishing of any and all social interactions that might hamper the course of such said dedication. It was through this method that he hoped all students would enjoy academic success.

However, not just anyone could claim membership. Admittance into such a group was solely based upon academic standards, and the Robbelution could boast some of the most selective and elite membership. It soon grew popular and grew to rival the power (and the corruption) of the Catholic Church

After the initial declaration, the Robelution found incredible Resistance from an anonymous counter-Robbelutionary said to be strategically covered in hair to fight off the harsh Cuban winters. It was this man that was said to be immune to the leader’s wiliness, oftentimes demonstrating it by getting inside the leader’s pants.

However the Robbelution did not end due to the counter-Robbelutionary .ended officially ended on a warm spring day in April 2006 when the honorable leader was actually found to be “having a good time…” not studying. Even his most profound admirers could not help but scream blasphemy.

It was then clear that the Robbelution was over. However, it is even clearer that its legacy will live on in the short term memory of those dumbasses that choose to read and/or believe this.
"Join the Robbelution or perish!"
by Justafa Boc April 17, 2006
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