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Used to describe a whiny and idiotic cunt that just doesn't know his place in life. Robars are often blind sighted by opinions and treat them as factual information. Don't tell jokes around a persona like Robar, not only is their sense of humor nonexistent but they get offended at every joke you make and takes everything seriously.
Has anybody told you how much of a Robar you're being right now?
by thedabmondlava July 01, 2018
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A Hockey player, who gets razzed about being " homosexual". Which is different from a metro hockey player.
Ram 1- Hey anyone try this new irish spring soap?
Ram 2- No man, is it any good?
Ram 1- Yeah makes you feel fresh and clean.
Ram 2- Throw it over here.
Ram 1 Oh no!, It dropped.
Robar- I'll get it guys!
by Sunburnt November 10, 2008
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