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a ridiculous fuckface biaaa who destroys every and any object he (or she) comes across from the second you hand him (or her) alcohol of any sort up until the moment he/she goes to sleep. (after being read bedtime stories, of course, otherwise he'll/she'll stay up for weeks on end.)

to fail times infinity. (nonstop fail)

when you can't spell to save your life.

A roofie lover. Loves to indulge in the fine art of slipping roofies into unsuspecting victims drinks. Half the time he/she will roofie him/herself "just because". You never really know.

when you honestly can't figure out if the being you are looking at is in fact a male or a female. (see also Lady Gaga and hipster)
Example one:

Person 1 - "oh man, what a FAILHHH!"

Person 2 - "naw dude, that wasn't just a fail, that was a classic Rob Fugate."

Person 1 - "Ohhhh Maaaahhh Gawwwsh! s0Oo0O0OoOo true, seeing as that is the fail of all fails and all!"

Example two:

Person 1 - "WAOOOOOOOW, biaa can't spell her own name correctly."

Person 2 - "I swear to god, she is such a Rob Fugate when it comes to spelling."

Person 1 - "She even spells the word cork "QUARK", no joke."

Person 2 - "Quark, why, that is design and programming software! seriously, errrrbody knows that!"

Person 1 - "ovbzzz"
by Gribbz December 30, 2010
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