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A term typically used by boxers to describe intensive cardio work, necessary for building up the endurance required to compete in a professional boxing match.

Previously, "roadwork" was used by boxers exclusively to describe running; now, the term has expanded to cover interval running/training and anaerobic exercises to better prepare a fighter to circle their opponent in the ring and throw hundreds of combination punches over the course of an entire fight.
If he wants a shot at going the distance in his next fight, he's gonna have to iron out his roadwork.
by Johnnie W. December 12, 2012
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When one male has another male pour wet concrete into his asshole, waits until it has hardened, and proceeds to break it apart with a dildo jackhammer.
Glenn and Mike are doing some Road Work tonight after date night.
by PeeWeeSermon February 09, 2019
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I bet you came here for a real answer... well oops too bad ur about to get this one. Road work is something that roads should do. road work ahead? Ah yeah! I sure hope it does if u quote vines as often as I do then good for u
Guy :road work ahead? Ah yeah! I sure hope it does!
by Randomdude3333 June 09, 2018
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The act of receiving a hand job from the car passenger while driving. Preferrably a good looking female passenger.
As we drove across country, I offered my bf some road work while he drived. Unfortunately, he wrecked the car into a parked school bus before he came.
by kinkykelly24/7 November 14, 2007
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When someone attaches a dildo to the end of a high powered jack hammer and “goes to work” on a vagina.
That jack hammer really came in handy for that road work I put on Barbra.
by Big Boy Chuck May 03, 2018
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