A term typically used by boxers to describe intensive cardio work, necessary for building up the endurance required to compete in a professional boxing match.

Previously, "roadwork" was used by boxers exclusively to describe running; now, the term has expanded to cover interval running/training and anaerobic exercises to better prepare a fighter to circle their opponent in the ring and throw hundreds of combination punches over the course of an entire fight.
If he wants a shot at going the distance in his next fight, he's gonna have to iron out his roadwork.
by Johnnie W. December 13, 2012
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An Amersham Roadwork is performing doggy style in the middle of the zebra crossing between Harris and Hoole and WHSmith whilst wearing high visibility clothing.
Did you see Sandra and Tim did an Amersham Roadwork last weekend? Made me get home an hour late!
by My no no square January 22, 2019
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