Road construction is a team sport, usually played by only one team. The object of the game is to place as many orange cones on the road for as long as possible. The sport attracts a variety of spectators usually arriving by vehicle in the earlier mornings and in the late afternoons. The sport can also be coupled with a game of Detour. In the game of Detour, the fans are given a series of complicated directions to follow with one critical piece of information missing. The object of the game of Detour is to determine this critical piece of information.

1. Hey Bob, I'll be watching the Road Construction this morning so I'll be late to work.

2. Yeah, sorry I'm late. Detour lasted a lot longer than expected. They gave us some really tough clues.
by bob123456789123456789 August 7, 2008
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1. An excuse used to piss people off on their way to work.

2. One of 2 seasons in Minnesota.

3. unnecesary delay.
1. Jeffery was in bad mood all day because of road construction.

2. I was sad to see the end of winter, I'm not very partial to Road Construction.

3. I was late to work due to road construction.
by Michael McKid October 24, 2007
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The biggest and longest running joke ever to be pulled by a state or nation in history.
The joke is that some people get together somewhere and map out a place to set up cones and tear up the road. Setup then involves blocking off a half mile strip of road on either side of the workzone, and proceeding to jackhammer the hell out of the asphalt.
The punchline is everyone that has to drive through the workzone, as the workers not jackhammering (all of them) laugh at the frustrated looks on peoples faces as they go by, late for work by at least half an hour or more thanks to a four lane highway being shrunken to one lane.
Once the "work" is supposed to be done, or when a new place is found, the workers pull up stakes and move, leaving the road the same as it was before they came, or worse.
This has been going on since before recorded history in Utah, although no record has currently been found as to whether it started with the laying of asphalt in Utah, or merely when roads were established.
Son of a-- not another Utah Road Construction Project! and right on the way to work too.
by Tyler Lake August 21, 2007
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A period of time that happens in Idaho during early summer to late fall (could be longer) in which almost every main road is closed and everyone has to take overcrowded detours to get to their destination
Ugh... it's road construction season again.
by Jerry Blerg March 1, 2017
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