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A legendary creature known to the stoners of Williams Lake British Columbia. If one does not placate the roach goblin by occaisionally throwing a roach into the woods, the goblin has been known to nab useful items. If, however, one is careful to satisfy the Roach Goblin, he has been known to leave gifts of weed, money, pens and lighters to good little stoners.

The Roach Goblin is two feet high, and has green skin, purple eyes and blonde hair. He wears a tattered felt jacket with coat-tails, pointy blue leather shoes, grey wool socks, brown breeches, white gloves, and a red silk shirt. His hat is sky blue, peaked and adorned with three feathers, one yellow, one green and one red. He carries a ebony cane topped with an onyx sphere in his left hand. There is a golden pocket-watch in his right pocket.
Dude, toss that roach to the Roach Goblin, or you'll lose your buspass for sure.
by moonbug November 13, 2006
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