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A Riverworker is defined as: "One who works in, at, near or with anything pretaining to, or knowing of a river or any body of water know as a river. Riverworker's skills and tasks vary by location, age, and favorite types of music or cliental." This means that the jobs a Riverworker may be asked to undertake may be those that require gloves and boots, those requiring a keen intelect, and whitty banjo tune, to jobs requiring soft hands and smooth hair.
The tools that a Riverworker is required to be familiar with include: Hammer (with or without "shockblock"), Pick-ax, Ice-Pick,Can opener, Emeryboard, Mirror, Dredge machine, eye-lash curler, boxing gloves, riding-crop, Stop-watch, abbacus, Draw knife, Snowshoes, jack-hammer, and occasionally a forklift.
Riverworker is a term that is still quite taboo, and has been since the first River worker Kelsie Harnir made her work known in the late 1930's. Many people that hear the term used are confused of its origin, and therefore its true meaning, but im sure that this definition will help spread some light on this time-honered, and much needed line of work. March on Riverworkers, March on, hold your hammers high, and may your stockings never run.
"Fishnet Stockings, a lantern in one hand and a Wood-File in the other, the Riverworker's job is a toilsome one"
by Dr. Tyler Gollack April 08, 2008
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