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A tragic kingdom in southern California owned by a clueless king who controls the city council.
The city's most lucrative "cash crop" seems to be citrus, but arguably, it is more likely methamphetamine. This town is notorious for unsolved murders, racist cops, serial rape production, and emphysema causing air pollution.
Fly out Rivercide and see for yourself. We're friendly!
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Riverside. A historic city in Southern California's Inland Empire which is arguably bad for one's health due in part to the fact that it is said to collect the smog from Los Angeles. It should also be noted that the summer is excruciatingly hot, and that the Santa Ana river is mostly dried up through there.

It is also known for its serial murders. More than one or 2 dead bodies have been found in Riverside's orange groves.

Riverside is also known for its notorious gang Casa Blanca- who shot down two helicopters (one in 1975 and one in 1995). Data collected by Project Bridge, an anti-gang program under the City of Riverside’s Park and Recreation Department, reveals that Riverside has had an increase in gang membership and gang activity since the 1990s.

Riverside has been said to be the Meth capital of the world.
"Just tryin to get out of Rivercide, but I'll probably just end up getting addicted to crystal meth..."

Rivercide...Cheap living!-No one ever said it's good for your health.
by Meowie June 01, 2011
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